The Malaysia Bond And Sukuk Almanac 2019

26 February, 2020

The Almanac features an overview of the Malaysian bond market in 2019, a complete profile and listing of government and corporate bonds and sukuk active as at 31 December 2019 and the top issuers, lead arrangers and trustees in various categories. In a snapshot, the report covers all the information essential for market players, issuers as well as local and international investors.

“The Malaysian and Sukuk Almanac 2019 is a detailed publication from BPAM that provides an insight into the actual depth and breadth of the Malaysian bonds and sukuk market as at 31 December 2019. This publication showcases Malaysia’s bond and sukuk market’s dynamism and sophistication in terms of issuer mix, fixed income structures and key market statistics. BPAM is proud to publish the seventh edition of the Almanac for transparency and market awareness.

The Malaysian Bond and Sukuk market continues to grow. The market expanded further to RM1,490.3 billion as at end 2019 compared to RM1,405.7 billion as at end 2018 despite the increasing headwind in the global economy. The volatility in the global economy brought about by geopolitical tensions between the world’s economic giants continues to take its toll on business sentiments going into 2020.” said Meor Amri Meor Ayob, BPAM’s Chief Executive Officer.

The Malaysian Bond and Sukuk Almanac 2019 is available on BPAM’s website and BondStream, BPAM’s custom made platform and data-mining tool for the Malaysian Fixed Income Market.

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