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  • BPAM is the world's first agency to specialize in Ringgit-denominated debt instruments. Our value is in going beyond 'guesswork' to quantifying our knowledge of the market into a consistent, verifiable pricing methodology. Increasingly competitive operating environments, more sophisticated hybrid structures, deteriorating credit, greater market volatility: Is your fixed income portfolio correctly valued?

    Does your current valuation methodology comply with ever more stringent performance reporting, audit and risk management requirements?

    As the leading source and market standard for Malaysian bond data worldwide, BPAM offers professional fixed income evaluated pricing services, providing reliable valuations for Ringgit bonds, sukuk and short term instruments on a daily basis.

    Unrivalled Valuations
    • Covering Rated and Unrated Issues
    • Over 2000 Ringgit instruments priced and delivered daily
    • Covering Conventional and Islamic instruments: long term bonds, sukuk and short term papers (CP, Bills and Notes)
    • Global standards for valuation methodology
    • Transparent, verifiable pricing process
    • Assured accountability via daily market feedback mechanism

    Regulatory Compliance
    • Accepted by the audit and accounting practice for valuation purposes

    IT Security
    • Flexible delivery channels via email, web-based or secure ftp
    • Built in redundancy to ensure reliable, on-time delivery

    Database Terminal
    • Complimentary full access to BondStreamâ„¢: the leading data mining tool for Ringgit bonds
    • Powerful analytics and portability via web-based application
    • View and track historical mark-to-market data beginning August 2005

    We are the only Bond Pricing Agency registered with Securities Commission Malaysia and cater to over 120 local and global institutional investors, and widely referenced by media and academic circles.

    Download our product brochures to know more about our evaluated Bond Pricing Services.

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